Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Last New Years Resolution

Hello readers across the world! It has been a little while since I have posted. One of my unwritten new years resolutions was to write a blog post twice a month. This is the only resolution that I have not broken thus far. It has been a rough year.

Along with this goal of two posts a month comes a plan. At the end of every month I will write a standard blog post; a post that has “In a nutshell” and “Top five quotes” sections. You know what I’m talking about, I am sure. The other post will come during the month at any time and will be something different; something new; something fresh. When it comes down to it… you will not want to miss a single post this year. Not even this one.

This post is the different post for the month of January. I am cheating a little bit because this post is not new, different, or exciting in any way. But here I go anyway. First, I would like to say that I had an excellent three weeks and three days in Canada. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks to my family, friends, and to Jasmine Shantz for making my furlough enjoyable. (You can read all about Jas and I on Jasmine's BlogShe is a much better writer than I am.)

And now, the fourth paragraph. I am back in Guatemala now. I have been since this past Monday. It is good to be back, and although there is not a whole lot to say about being back right now, I am sure that there will be by the end of the month. I am going to be the homeroom teacher in grade seven this year, and school starts on Wednesday. I am a little scared and excited about that. I will still be teaching mostly English (In grades 7-9) as well as having devotionals and a “teatro” class. It will keep me busy I am sure, and I think I will enjoy it.

That is all for now! Have a wonderful time anticipating the next blog post.

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