Monday, 15 July 2013

This and That

This is going to be another one of those out-of-character blog posts. It’s also a week late. Which means I’ve either been too busy, too lazy, or nothing around here worth writing about has been happening. I’ll let you guess. This blog post is just a bunch of random things that have happened or are going to happen.

My family is coming!!
That’s right. All five of them are going to land in Guatemala at 5:08 PM on July 19th (that’s this week!) and this time they aren’t coming with a school trip or anything like that. They are coming for the sole purpose of visiting me. Well, maybe a few other people too, but I’m pretty excited.

I learned a new Guatemalan tradition.
Yesterday I came to church wearing new shoes (it was high time to buy new dress shoes). I asked Lucio what he thought of them and he promptly stepped on them and made them dirty! Then he told me that when someone gets new shoes, everyone walks across their feet until their shoes are dirty like everybody else’s. I guess that makes sense.

The myth about a lizard separating itself from its tail is true.
The other day I caught the tail of a gecko. He kept running but his tail stayed with me. The really cool thing was the separated piece of tail kept wiggling and flopping around for about three minutes. I should join the myth busters.

Three WATER girls came.
I forget what WATER stands for, but it’s that short-term missions trip deal where you spend a week and SMBI (Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute) and then go to a foreign country for a while. Misty, Kerrie, and Rachel came here a week ago and are in Peten for a couple of weeks. We call them “muchachas de agua.”

When it rains, it rains.
And other times it rains, it pours. One Sunday night a couple of weeks ago we were having a church service and had to end early because no one could hear what the guy up front was saying. The noise from water hitting the tin roof was too loud. It poured like that for a long time, and when it was done, there was water everywhere. On the streets, in people’s houses… some even got into my room. I learned why you shouldn’t leave clothes on the floor. Neil asked me later if I think that the earth would be flooded if it would rain like that for forty days. I said, “Yup.”

I’m still not a fan of frogs.
The other morning I walked out of my room and promptly stepped on something. I looked back to see what I had stepped on, and it hopped away. Another time I put my shoe on when there was a frog inside. Now I always check the insides of my shoes before putting them on.

We visited Mopán again.
This time, the falls were even more impressive due to the fact that it’s rainy season. Even though it wasn’t a perfect day for swimming (it was a little rainy, dreary, and cold) we still had a lot of fun. We had hamburgers for lunch.

Stephan’s left.
While they’re gone, I’m sleeping at their house at nights. Lucio sleeps their too, sometimes. With Stephan being gone, I’m left with many more responsibilities, like cleaning his pool.

That’s all for now. Primero Dios, in two weeks I’ll be able to do another normal blog post and write about the good times I’m having with my family. Thank you all for remembering me in your prayers. 

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  1. Hi Ricky,
    I'm a waterfall fan. When I saw that picture I couldn't help but comment. It looks like too much fun! Someday you've got to take me there! (I'm going to come see y'all the end of August) I don't like looking at waterfalls..........I've got to be in, under, over, behind or somewhere else besides looking a them.
    Take care,
    Your Honduran counterpart,